Happy Birthday to my Big sister

Happy Birthday Bri1

Brianna is one of a kind lady. We have been “old” friends on Second Life from almost the beginning when we met at the now (sadly) defunct Legends Club and bonded immediately. Her SL partner Walter is also someone I love. He doesn’t talk much but when he does, he is so funny. True friends are not always those you know in real life, they can be met in any world. Brianna is one of these. She is also the only one I know on Second Life who actually contacted me in RL when I was at one of my lowest and difficult periods of my life. For that, she is my sister for life, even if we never meet in the real world.

So it’s only natural that I would pay tribute to her in this little blog and give her a birthday party at the club I work at (and have great fun at): Hotlanta Blues. Walter and Bri have been loyal to Hotlanta very early on and they are my favorite VIPS as well as friends.

Brianna (or Bri as everyone close to her calls her) has the generosity, kindness and beauty of the heart. Whatever she looks like in RL, her beauty shines through in SL through her acts and her friendship.

So happy RL birthday to you Bri! from you little sister Nic!

Happy Birthday Bri Happy Birthday Bri2 Happy Birthday Bri4


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