Tarot Time on SL

Sacred Cauldron Taro reading_003

One of the wonderful aspects (among others) of Second Life is how many different things you can do. For years, I have re-discovered my Celtic roots by being a regular (and member) of the Sacred Cauldron coven, which is a remarkable place for people into nature-based religions like Wicca, Druidism and so on.

Earlier, I was invited to a Tarot Class hosted by my friend Kara Foxdale, who is one of the administrators/teachers at Sacred Cauldron and spent some time re-discovering the art of Tarot reading which I had sort of left out a bit in the past few months (due to RL concerns). It was fascinating to just understanding the meaning of just one card: in this case The Lovers and spend the time imagining ourselves interpreting its meaning to other people. It is fascinating also that, even though all Tarot sets are different, they also reflect the same basic meanings behind their various artwork. My own Tarot is called Tarot of the Elves (because when I purchased it, i was obsessed with Lord of the Rings) but its meaning is no different than the meaning of many other types of Tarot sets. They are just variations on the same themes.

Visiting Sacred Cauldron over the years (and I’ve been going there for at least 5 years) has been a rewarding experience of spiritual introspection and growth. And I highly recommend to anyone to become a member and see a different perspective (particularly if you belong to one of the Abramic religions). There is no conversion necessary. Pagans don’t try to convert of change anyone’s beliefs and everyone is welcome.

To visit Sacred Cauldron, here is the web address: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sacred%20Cauldron/121/134/30

For more pictures of the Tarot Cards class, visit my Facebook page My SL Life

© Copyright V. Perrot / Nicci Winsmore – February 2015


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