Je Suis Charlie on Second Life – A visit at the Panorama Gallery

Snapshot _ PANORAMA ART GALLERY, Jeffrey (129, 104, 26) - Moder

The Panorama Gallery is a place I visited as I wasn’t doing anything special and felt like hearing some live entertainment. To my big surprise, not only the place contains superb art but it has live entertainment shows. And to my even bigger surprise, they display a large JE SUIS CHARLIE banner above their stage. I had not realized the impact of what happened in Paris on the virtual world as well. Although I wrote about Charlie in another blog, I’m glad to see that the virtual community also stands for freedom of expression. In fact, Second Life is an absolute web of creative and free activities that you usually can’t find in the real life world. It has allowed me to meet interesting people, create art pieces and have my own gallery, offer wonderful clothing in my shop, hear exceptional artists live (that you likely would never hear in RL), and see incredible art.

So kudos to the Panorama Gallery for their support of art, music and freedom of expression in general.

For more pictures, visit my facebook page: My SL Life



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