Music Productions in Second Life

One of the fascinating aspects of Second Life is undoubtedly the variety of live artists, performances, art and other entertainment mediums that are shared with enthusiasm on the metaverse. There is, it seems, an endless variety of talents singing in Second Life. You won’t find these talents in the real word for the most part because the real world is only concerned with cheap music for big money and brainwashing the masses  with commercial crap.

On Second Life, however, there is a vast pool of incredible musicians and performers of all sorts. On October 19th, I had the opportunity of attending two live performances in one day. The first performance was held at The Cabaret Sans Chagrin, an old style beautiful cabaret similar to what can be seen in classic movies which is in fact a place where shows are done for charity.

Cabaret Sans Chagrin front_001

My good friend Elisa Vegan (Elisa Love) owns a real life no-kill shelter for companion animals and uses the money she gets from the Cabaret to help fund her shelter. In fact, the mission of the Cabaret is:

“We are a Vintage inspired place dedicated to Animal Protection and Welfare. Our goal is to help animals in real life who are in need of shelter and care through our events. Burlesque Shows, Singers, Musicians, Comedians, and more!”

This is the kind of charity I can’t resist as a Vegan and animal advocate myself. So I decided to support her. The show was performed by a group of dancers called Ballet Pixelle who re-created dances from “Folies Bergeres French Cancan” style to Ballet and did it remarkably well within the limitations of second life avatar lore.  Here are pictures of the event.

BalletPixelle dancers at 4Paws benefit_001 BalletPixelle dancers at 4Paws benefit_002 BalletPixelle dancers at 4Paws benefit_003 BalletPixelle dancers at 4Paws benefit_004 BalletPixelle dancers at 4Paws benefit_005 BalletPixelle dancers at 4Paws benefit_006

This is obviously one way to raise funds for charity. But Second Life of course has a lot more to offer. I find the creativity of people on SL to never be ending. As much as I cringe about certain things on second life (which I won’t name but those who know me, know what I can’t stand), I am fascinated by the amount of imagination also there and how this can make a difference in real life.

If you want to help Elisa and the Cabaret to raise funds for this very worthy cause, please visit this location:

Also, please visit the shelter’s website: 4 Paws and the Cabaret’s Facebook page to see more pictures here. 


Later on in the day, my friend Brianna invited me to a special concert from Beccca Baxton who is a leading popular singer on Second Life. Turns out she had worked out a performance routine with several other people and turned her usual singing into a theater like performance as well. Beccca is a must see on Second Life and has a huge following. If you never heard her, find her on SL and go see her sing.

Blues Alley Becca Production_001 Blues Alley Becca Production_002 Blues Alley Becca Production_003 Blues Alley Becca Production_004 Blues Alley Becca Production_005 Blues Alley Becca Production_006 Blues Alley Becca Production_007 Blues Alley Becca Production_008


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