“BEAUTIFUL NATURE” Exhibit at Emmalena Damour’s Gallery

From October 1st to October 31st, I am honored to be a guest artist at the beautiful Emmalena Damour’s Gallery own by the wonderful Emma Damour who is curating this beautiful place. When you first enter the gallery, you are immediately struck by the beauty of all the art pieces on display.

I for one, appreciate how clean everything is arranged and the light given to the art pieces which really makes appreciating painting all the more a feast for the eyes. It is therefore a pleasure to walk through the gallery and look around. You won’t be disappointed by the quality of what is presented there.

As you go up to the 3rd floor, you will find my display as guest artist of the month. I present all my best nature photos as well as one sketch and a couple of other misc pieces, which I hope will give you an idea of most of what I do. I have been taking a lot of these photos at the Los Angeles Arboterium in the past. This is a magnificent place where you can see free-living animals as well as amazing plants and trees. I tried to convey in pictures the beauty of the place and do it justice.

You can see the exhibit until October 31st. Please follow this landmark to the gallery and enjoy!


Beautiful Nature exhibit party_001 Beautiful Nature exhibit party_002Emmadela Damour's Gallery guest set up_001 Emmadela Damour's Gallery guest_001


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