GALLERY 23 – March/April exhibit opening

       Located on Second Life and for almost 4 years, GALLERY 23 has featured 6 artists every 2 months. I was honored to be featured, for the first time, in their featured artists of March/April 2013 called “Bohemian Arts” with these other wonderful artists:

Soul Yheng, Ziki Questi, Toysoldier Thor, Asperix Asp and Fae Varriale

GALLERY 23 is located on a sim which has tons of other incredible galleries which are worth checking out. For the opening on Sunday the Third, we had great tunes from DJ Annie, plenty of dancing and good friends showing up. The turnout was pretty good.

Our hostess was the wonderful curator for the gallery Enola Em (Vaher) who did a great job preparing for this event.

To visit the gallery, please follow this link:

Also, check out the pictures I took for the opening below. We did have a great time. I hope you stop by as well. It should be there until the end of April. 🙂 And make sure you check out all the galleries on the sim as well. Lots to see!


2 thoughts on “GALLERY 23 – March/April exhibit opening

  1. Hey Nicci,Very cool that you have a blog for your artistry. I went back to Gallery 23 at Virtual Hotel Chelsea in Second Life in order to see your work again. I really do love the “Trees In Light” and also “Naked Beauty” stand out and rather haunts my memory; I like it very much. The two drawings: “Martin Shaw (As Doyle)” and “Rembrandt” I find to be thoughtfully rendered.Are the above “Artworlz,” “El Paseo” and “Gallerie” in world also; please let me know? It was good to see you at Chelsea rooftop last night for Sunday “blues” and dancing! Congratulations and all good wishes on your continued art expression,Luna Branwen 

  2. @Luna Branwen@facebook – Hi Luna. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my artwork. The other places that you noted are on a different grid called InWorldz which is very much like Second Life. There I only do art stuff and have several amazing locations for all my photography, sketch and inworld stuff. If you decide to visit InWorldz, look me up as I use the same avatar name there. In fact, a lot of SL artists are also on IW as it is also a cheaper platform.

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