The gorgeous Rose Gallery Theater is currently hosting my work. I am very happy to be back there as I have previously been part of this beautiful place. Her currator, the wonderful Kylie Angel (Kylie Sabra) has a unique talent for making the space she gives you match your style. I spent a wonderful evening with her setting for it.

This Sunday i was honored to be invited at The Mad Hatter Party which is based on Alice In Wonderland and see what creative talent can build. The party was centered around particular events in the Disney movie and book (i confess i haven’t read or seen either but will correct it soon). The impressive decor plus the guests’ beautiful Alice inspired costumes made this event a must see. Please see all the wonderful pictures of the place below.

My work can currently be seen for at least 30 days, maybe more. This is the landmark :

And here are images from my location. Make sure you check out the other artists as well. You will see some amazing stuff.

And here are the images of the party!! It was wonderful.





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