I had the privilege to be included in the beautiful new gallery build by Kelly Yap. The quality of artists she hosts is impressive: Winter Nightfire, Eliza Cabassoun, Milly Sharple,  Cajska Carlsson, Ini and myself. Please see below some pictures of today’s event. We did have a lot of fun with art trivia (i suck lol, I begged for Star Trek trivia) and a contest “best in favorite outfit based on favorite artist”. We had a lot of guests visiting, among them my dear friend Sandra Lee Palienta and Gracie Kendall (best known for her project of a 1000s of avatars).I don’t know how long the exhibits are staying at the gallery but visit soon to see the remarkable work from these artists. I feel humbled to be among them as they are so talented. 

I visited Gracie’s amazing exhibit later on and literally floated in it.

To get to the Yap Gallery, click this link: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Healy/156/24/103.

Please also visit Gracie’s place at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/LEA15/63/114/533



This is me below floating in Gracie’s amazing art display….


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