It is with sadness that I write this blog to announce that my dear friend Graine McBain has decided to close down the Azure. It has been my second home for many months as i have been honored to display my artwork there. Azure has brought not only wonderful artists but great performers, some of the best on SL. I will miss the staff of the Azure: Smilemaker Mathy, Clancy Huckleberry, Dede Longfall, Fritter Enzyme, and LadyDi Andel. Wonderful and dedicated people who helped Graine make the Azure a special place.
Also DJs Sparrow Letov, Tommy123 Allen, Violet Ormenthal for their wondeful DJing. Graine was awesome to host not only me but the other wonderful artists: SHAKIRA Skirr, riali Sandalwood, Edward Vintner, Kicca Igaly, Nessuno Myoo, Oxil Zane, and Mialena Roxley.

The Azure also had these wonderful comedians and poets which i will miss: Skye Vanistok, Zacklee Devin, Leigh Zise, Max DeGroot, Clay Doune, Gary Broono, Rune Draegonne, Kewpi Catnap. But the Azure will remain memorable to me for the performers, some of them my friends as well whose talent made my time at the Azure absolutely wonderful: Aubryn Melody, Bara Jonson, BGSinger Hermit, Bo Hoyes, BellaDonna Lemondrop, Boris Afterthought, CECI Dover, CTM Underwood, Dilah Halostar, Euterpe Queller, Gandalf Mornington, Genevive Romanas, Ichie Kamachi, Idella Quandry, Jerome Patrucci, Jill86 Easterman, Joaquin Gustav, LoneWolf55 Genesis, Luvvie Starsider, Matt Renfrew, Melodee McDonnell, Mercury Madzuko, MommaLuv Skytower, MoShang Zhao, Phoenix Gerhadsen, Pippa Exonar, Remy Farman, Scarlett Dubrovna, Seba Sidways, Senjata Witt, SOAR, Spirited Emor, Strum Diesel, Suzetta Moonites, Thunderfoot Lorefield, Tia Macbain, Tip Corbett, Trowzer Boa, WaltKeys Faith, Zen Revnik

But in the end, it all comes down to one person to hold this together and make us happy: GRAINE MCBAIN. You are the best. I have been blessed with your friendship, trusts and eye for recognizing good people and talented ones. Your club will be missed by me terribly and by all of us.

I took several pictures of the club the day before its closing as I wanted to mark my time there. I hope you enjoy. On two pics, you will recognize Gandalf and MoShang performing. 🙂


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