Summer Fling with live music and dancing

A promotional event where we will have a few select guest artists showcasing their art in various forms….such as CYNimon Catnap, Oxil Zane and last but not least, Nathalie Applewhyte.

Cynimon Catnap has a unique vision that she wants to share with others and it takes all forms in many mediums that transfers over into the things she is most passionate about. First is her love of Digital Photography and Graphics Design, followed closely by her intimate love of words and poetry sometimes combining the two so that tells a secret story unique to all that see it with new eyes. She wishes for you to join her on her journey of discovery and give her open ended translation of her art to other’s so that they may have their own intimate journey through her gateway. Life is an adventure …. Saints have a past and Sinners have a future come be a Saint or come be a sinner she welcomes you all.

Oxil Zane is a young man living the quite cliche life of a young aspiring artist fresh out of high school. Despite this unoriginal overview of him however, there is nothing ordinary about Oxil. Rather than the detail and common knowledge of the known,
his art focuses mainly on the illusion of simplicity surrounding the undiscovered. Whether it be the boundless heavens ruled by Uranus or the deep trenches of Poseidon’s aquatic kingdom, Oxil aims to capture the sheer simplicity of his target in his simplistic builds without having to minimalize the many mysteries which have yet to be solved.

Nathalie Applewhyte has been drawing since she was was about 4 years old. Her artistic talent runs on both sides of her family, but stronger on her dad’s. Her medium is Pencil, Charcoal, Chalk. Nathalie says it better ” I’ve been doing graphics since I was
about 10 or 11. I used to use a program called Ulead Photo Express until my motherboard died. So my dad gave me Photoshop which I refused to use at first because I didn’t understand it. I didn’t believe my dad when he told me photoshop was better until I eventually I gave in and self-taught myself :P”

DJ Martinie Ahn will be rocking the gallery with his tunes and our host Lynn Kaur will greet you.


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