If you missed our performer Idella Quandry yesterday, I thought I would share a few moments with you. It was truly a wonderful event. The performance Idella gave was, as always, incredible and unique!! I am blessed to call her my friend and to be honored with her presence in the gallery. It is my hope to be able to have her perform again.

Please also note that today is the last day of our May show with our guest artists GANSO ARTIS & FILIPEMARQUES BETTENCOURT. If you have not seen their art yet, omg, you have to! They are both so talented.
Also, it is my pleasure to tell you that Soul Yeng, Ichiko Miles and myself have set up our new pieces within the last few days! We would love to hear your opinions.

Starting tomorrow, we are proud to present for our June show, RAMIREZ TORRANCE and ASTREA BLACKHEART. Ramirez is an established SL artist with an impressive collection. Astrea is still rather new but i know you will love her SL art.
So there is plenty to see. Come and visit us. We appreciate your patronage, donations and votes. !



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