Please give a big, huge, warm welcome to my good friend Idella Quandry who is gonna perform at our gallery this coming Sunday 5/30 at 2pm SLT. Idella is NO amateur.

Originally from Tampa, Florida, Idella (aka Alicia Morgan) has worked with such big names as Neil Young, Oasis, Bobby Womack, Delaney Bramlett, and Norman Brown (to name only a few), with numerous television and movie credits as well. Alicia is currently doing keyboard studio work for the legendary producer Richard Perry, on an upcoming Rod Stewart record . She is a 2010 Grammy nominee, for playing on a song nominated for Best Instrumental Arranging from the movie “Love n’ Dancing”.

So please come and enjoy seeing her perform and of course we have our wonderful artists! Our current line of artists: Soul Yheng, Sandralee Palianta, Nicci Winsmore, Angrod Marenwolf, Xaiphin Fang, Theda Tammas, Zoree Jupiter, Artman Diavolo and TCCOR Winterwolf.

We still have our two guest artists of May FilipeMarques Bettencourt and Ganso Artis, as well as Newcomer to our gallery with brand new sculptures Ichiko Miles and new photography pieces from Nicci Winsmore. !!!!


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