Art Show

Starting today, we have a Art show for Ganso Artis and FilipeMarques Bettencourt until the end of the month. Today’s opening was fun!!

Filipe, born in Terceira, Azores, Portugal. fell in love with Photography at the age of 17 in a basic photography class in high school. Since then, he has worked in Fashion, Band Photographs and Fine Art/Landscape images.
His work has been featured on the Digital Photo Pro Website and Ovation TV “My Art” program. Filipe has sold museum quality prints to collectors internationally and has received honorable mentions for his work in various publications.

“The main focus of my work has always been Fashion/Editorial photography. But I’ve always tried to leave my doors open to different avenues.
My Fine Art work is what I do to relax, to get away from it all. It’s my “reset button”. A chance for me to slow down and take a closer look at everyday. I’ve been lucky enough that others that others relate to my art. “
~Filipe Marques~

Filipe lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota U. S. A.
Thank you for visiting.

Ganso Artis did his first realistic portrait when he was 9, has done illustrations since a teenager. Started self-learning painting on 2001, Watercolors, Acrylics. A creator on Fine Arts who’s desire is that it might be at service to a persuation in wich he trusts and for what he endeavors, wich includes a great care and strong interest for cultural diversity.
On Saturday May 8th 2010, World of Art & Fashion presents him and his art, art such as the “Grandfather Castle in The Air” (2001) based on a dream he had about his grandfather. “We always loved each other and I always wanted to know how was him at WW2, but he wouldnt tell me cos I was too young to hear those things, so I dreamed about it”.


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