Hotlanta’s 2016 Halloween party

Yes, it’s another Halloween party at Hotlanta for 2016, on the roof and thanks to Desiree’s fabulous decorating!

In case you missed it, some VIPs showed up with great outfits, from the classical witch to dominatrix and devils, from giant babies to my ghost outfit. We had it all. Here are some pictures to give you an idea.

DJ Shamu completed the picture with great Halloween blues tunes. See you again next year, for another great Halloween party.

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Lorelei Firehawk’s Birthday Party at Hotlanta

LoFI's Bday party Hotlanta 5-2-15_004

Lori, the blond in bue shorts! Bday girl

Not to be confused with the OTHER Lorelei (Foxglove), our Lore has been a constant figure of the Hotlanta scene and a loyal VIP. We love to have her and the other Lore (LoFo) here to party with us.

DJ Chief always has our Loreleis happy with cool tunes. Lore has been and continues to be a good presence to Hotlanta! We love her to death.

Lore is fun loving, always funny and we love to have her around!

So happy RL birthday LoFi!! From Nicci

Link to more pictures on Facebook

LoFI's Bday party Hotlanta 5-2-15_001

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Tim Timaru: Romanian Poet on SL

Tim Timaru romantic poetry on SL_008

After finishing advertising my own gallery at Starz Corner, a nice man dropped by and we started talking. He invited me to visit his own gallery and he turned out to be a romantic poet from Romania.

The gallery has an air of old fashioned Europe to it which I really liked. The poetry and the choice of pictures (either in world or in real life) goes very well with his romantic poetry which screams of love, kindness and home. It’s a pleasure for the eyes.

Tim Timaru romantic poetry on SL_013

He gave me a tour and even offered me a few free gifts and I took the time to appreciate the music and sounds of birds while reading some great poetry. I have to point out that I’m usually not a big poetry fan but that I did really appreciate his commitment to the language (and he is Romanian born, not English) and romance for which the English language can be also a great messenger.

Tim Timaru romantic poetry on SL_004

So come visit, Tim Timaru’s Poetry Gallery at Yemple and enjoy a moment of peace among birds, flowers and great reading. I even stayed a bit longer for the music of George Gershwin.

For more pictures of Tim’s gallery, please visit my page on Facebook.

Tim’s art show in June 2015


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Sam’s Birthday Party

This is another gal I love having around at Hotlanta! She is fun, loyal to the club, loves to make us laugh. So she deserved to have a blog for all the time of fun she gave us at Hotlanta!

I first met Sam at the club in fact. She has been coming for a long time, always ready to tip generously either hostess or DJ and she is funny! I love VIPs of this caliber.

So wishing a great happy birthday to OUR Sam! and many more. Keep coming girl. We love you here.

Happy Birthday Sam_004

For more pics of the party: See my facebook page My SL Life.


Happy Birthday to my Big sister

Happy Birthday Bri1

Brianna is one of a kind lady. We have been “old” friends on Second Life from almost the beginning when we met at the now (sadly) defunct Legends Club and bonded immediately. Her SL partner Walter is also someone I love. He doesn’t talk much but when he does, he is so funny. True friends are not always those you know in real life, they can be met in any world. Brianna is one of these. She is also the only one I know on Second Life who actually contacted me in RL when I was at one of my lowest and difficult periods of my life. For that, she is my sister for life, even if we never meet in the real world.

So it’s only natural that I would pay tribute to her in this little blog and give her a birthday party at the club I work at (and have great fun at): Hotlanta Blues. Walter and Bri have been loyal to Hotlanta very early on and they are my favorite VIPS as well as friends.

Brianna (or Bri as everyone close to her calls her) has the generosity, kindness and beauty of the heart. Whatever she looks like in RL, her beauty shines through in SL through her acts and her friendship.

So happy RL birthday to you Bri! from you little sister Nic!

Happy Birthday Bri Happy Birthday Bri2 Happy Birthday Bri4


Tarot Time on SL

Sacred Cauldron Taro reading_003

One of the wonderful aspects (among others) of Second Life is how many different things you can do. For years, I have re-discovered my Celtic roots by being a regular (and member) of the Sacred Cauldron coven, which is a remarkable place for people into nature-based religions like Wicca, Druidism and so on.

Earlier, I was invited to a Tarot Class hosted by my friend Kara Foxdale, who is one of the administrators/teachers at Sacred Cauldron and spent some time re-discovering the art of Tarot reading which I had sort of left out a bit in the past few months (due to RL concerns). It was fascinating to just understanding the meaning of just one card: in this case The Lovers and spend the time imagining ourselves interpreting its meaning to other people. It is fascinating also that, even though all Tarot sets are different, they also reflect the same basic meanings behind their various artwork. My own Tarot is called Tarot of the Elves (because when I purchased it, i was obsessed with Lord of the Rings) but its meaning is no different than the meaning of many other types of Tarot sets. They are just variations on the same themes.

Visiting Sacred Cauldron over the years (and I’ve been going there for at least 5 years) has been a rewarding experience of spiritual introspection and growth. And I highly recommend to anyone to become a member and see a different perspective (particularly if you belong to one of the Abramic religions). There is no conversion necessary. Pagans don’t try to convert of change anyone’s beliefs and everyone is welcome.

To visit Sacred Cauldron, here is the web address: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sacred%20Cauldron/121/134/30

For more pictures of the Tarot Cards class, visit my Facebook page My SL Life

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Je Suis Charlie on Second Life – A visit at the Panorama Gallery

Snapshot _ PANORAMA ART GALLERY, Jeffrey (129, 104, 26) - Moder

The Panorama Gallery is a place I visited as I wasn’t doing anything special and felt like hearing some live entertainment. To my big surprise, not only the place contains superb art but it has live entertainment shows. And to my even bigger surprise, they display a large JE SUIS CHARLIE banner above their stage. I had not realized the impact of what happened in Paris on the virtual world as well. Although I wrote about Charlie in another blog, I’m glad to see that the virtual community also stands for freedom of expression. In fact, Second Life is an absolute web of creative and free activities that you usually can’t find in the real life world. It has allowed me to meet interesting people, create art pieces and have my own gallery, offer wonderful clothing in my shop, hear exceptional artists live (that you likely would never hear in RL), and see incredible art.

So kudos to the Panorama Gallery for their support of art, music and freedom of expression in general.

For more pictures, visit my facebook page: My SL Life



HALLOWEEN Week at Hotlanta

After more than a year hosting at Hotlanta Blues, I still have a lot of fun and enjoyment being around the VIPs of the club. We just had our annual Halloween parties on the roof through the entire Halloween week and, once again, I am struck at the inventiveness of costumes displayed. So I took a number of pictures of this week’s parties.

If you were there, you very likely will see yourself in the pictures. I did come as Hello Kitty and as a Witch who likes skulls. And I also got eaten by the giant pumpkin. aaaaahhhhh


BigDog and Red_001 eaten by a pumpkin_001 eaten by a pumpkin_002 eaten by a pumpkin_003 Hotlanta as Hello Kity_001 Hotlanta as Hello Kity_002 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_001 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_002 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_003 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_004 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_005 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_006 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_007 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_008 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_009 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_010 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_011 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_012 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_013 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_014 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_015 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_016 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_017 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_018 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_019 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_020 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_021 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_022 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_023 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_024 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_025 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_026 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_027 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_028 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_029 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_030_001 Hotlanta Halloween 2013_030_002 Tazz on a broom_001 Tazz on a broom_002 Tazz on a broom_003


Music Productions in Second Life

One of the fascinating aspects of Second Life is undoubtedly the variety of live artists, performances, art and other entertainment mediums that are shared with enthusiasm on the metaverse. There is, it seems, an endless variety of talents singing in Second Life. You won’t find these talents in the real word for the most part because the real world is only concerned with cheap music for big money and brainwashing the masses  with commercial crap.

On Second Life, however, there is a vast pool of incredible musicians and performers of all sorts. On October 19th, I had the opportunity of attending two live performances in one day. The first performance was held at The Cabaret Sans Chagrin, an old style beautiful cabaret similar to what can be seen in classic movies which is in fact a place where shows are done for charity.

Cabaret Sans Chagrin front_001

My good friend Elisa Vegan (Elisa Love) owns a real life no-kill shelter for companion animals and uses the money she gets from the Cabaret to help fund her shelter. In fact, the mission of the Cabaret is:

“We are a Vintage inspired place dedicated to Animal Protection and Welfare. Our goal is to help animals in real life who are in need of shelter and care through our events. Burlesque Shows, Singers, Musicians, Comedians, and more!”

This is the kind of charity I can’t resist as a Vegan and animal advocate myself. So I decided to support her. The show was performed by a group of dancers called Ballet Pixelle who re-created dances from “Folies Bergeres French Cancan” style to Ballet and did it remarkably well within the limitations of second life avatar lore.  Here are pictures of the event.

BalletPixelle dancers at 4Paws benefit_001 BalletPixelle dancers at 4Paws benefit_002 BalletPixelle dancers at 4Paws benefit_003 BalletPixelle dancers at 4Paws benefit_004 BalletPixelle dancers at 4Paws benefit_005 BalletPixelle dancers at 4Paws benefit_006

This is obviously one way to raise funds for charity. But Second Life of course has a lot more to offer. I find the creativity of people on SL to never be ending. As much as I cringe about certain things on second life (which I won’t name but those who know me, know what I can’t stand), I am fascinated by the amount of imagination also there and how this can make a difference in real life.

If you want to help Elisa and the Cabaret to raise funds for this very worthy cause, please visit this location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Bay/154/148/1001

Also, please visit the shelter’s website: 4 Paws and the Cabaret’s Facebook page to see more pictures here. 


Later on in the day, my friend Brianna invited me to a special concert from Beccca Baxton who is a leading popular singer on Second Life. Turns out she had worked out a performance routine with several other people and turned her usual singing into a theater like performance as well. Beccca is a must see on Second Life and has a huge following. If you never heard her, find her on SL and go see her sing.

Blues Alley Becca Production_001 Blues Alley Becca Production_002 Blues Alley Becca Production_003 Blues Alley Becca Production_004 Blues Alley Becca Production_005 Blues Alley Becca Production_006 Blues Alley Becca Production_007 Blues Alley Becca Production_008


“BEAUTIFUL NATURE” Exhibit at Emmalena Damour’s Gallery

From October 1st to October 31st, I am honored to be a guest artist at the beautiful Emmalena Damour’s Gallery own by the wonderful Emma Damour who is curating this beautiful place. When you first enter the gallery, you are immediately struck by the beauty of all the art pieces on display.

I for one, appreciate how clean everything is arranged and the light given to the art pieces which really makes appreciating painting all the more a feast for the eyes. It is therefore a pleasure to walk through the gallery and look around. You won’t be disappointed by the quality of what is presented there.

As you go up to the 3rd floor, you will find my display as guest artist of the month. I present all my best nature photos as well as one sketch and a couple of other misc pieces, which I hope will give you an idea of most of what I do. I have been taking a lot of these photos at the Los Angeles Arboterium in the past. This is a magnificent place where you can see free-living animals as well as amazing plants and trees. I tried to convey in pictures the beauty of the place and do it justice.

You can see the exhibit until October 31st. Please follow this landmark to the gallery and enjoy!


Beautiful Nature exhibit party_001 Beautiful Nature exhibit party_002Emmadela Damour's Gallery guest set up_001 Emmadela Damour's Gallery guest_001